Empowering Possibilities!

The Cupid Techno Informatics(CTI) is a product of a similar computer training program developed and implemented by Two ICT Women’s Phumla Ntshuntshe; professional Business College Lecture and Zanele Buthelezi; Professional IT Specialist. the program was developed to provide basic computer training to the disadvantage communities to provide basic computer training to the rural settlements to fill that gap of lacking the knowledge and skills in computers. As both CIT’ s founders Phumla and Zanele are from rural settlement by looking around where we from there is no expose in Computers, people know nothing about Technology we researched and saw the opportunity of going back home and develop the program based on those needs.

The Cupid Techno informatics(CTI) knows first-hand that computer training has to meet all of its customer’s needs in order to have a tangible lasting impact. When you measure across multiple customer segments each of which has its own priorities- you see how much more training must do to consistently and Simultaneously satisfy participants; includes community members, Learners even Professionals such as teachers, social worker, managers, executives also community leaders as well. Training then can move to close those gaps and deliver more real value. Closing those gaps between employer skills needed and employee’s skills development in the main objective as well on developing the computer skills in a community

Regarding the growth strategy we have seen that there is need of incorporating with Rural Development, National youth Development Agency department of education and EDTEA in order to add on what is needed in the community. Since we are focusing in community development and disadvantaged schools, there are other services that we offer and render in intention of growing our country as a whole which are web designing, Networking, online marketing and digitalizing education.